Distance Learning in Education Services to Enhance Your Expertise

Distance learning in education services prepares students for various careers in the field of education. Some of the educational services are elementary and secondary school teacher, college and university faculty, instructional coordinator, vocational education teacher, remedial education teacher, students counselor, library technician, self enrichment teacher and training specialist. Apart from these careers other educational services include education product design and development services, education course and curricula development, international education consulting services, international credential evaluation, etc.

Distance learning in education services enhances your expertise in specialized teaching techniques such as how to create a successful classroom literacy program, how to better examine and expand student's varying learning styles and intelligence levels, and how to utilize technology to enhance and facilitate the learning process. A degree in education accompanied by a strong academic background gives you confidence and professional expertise in the field of teaching.

New Opportunities

Distance learning in education services, also offer advanced degree courses in education administration, education supervision etc. Education administration degree courses are available in school finance and budgeting, school law, community relations, etc. Education supervision degree courses are available in human relations, curriculum development, supervision of instruction and curriculum, etc.

Online education courses and distance learning facilities have raised more challenges for education professionals than ever before. It has given an international dimension to education. Countries around the world are trying to promote their educational services through online technology. New careers are offered by distance learning in education services targeted for international exposure. An education product design and development professional stays abreast of new education research and technology and continually designs new education strategies and approaches to retain a competitive edge in an international arena. An international education consultant evaluates a number of education programs and materials and provides accurate and up to date information on international higher education. International credential evaluators evaluate educational credentials from any country in the world into their US equivalents.

Resources for Distance Learning in Education Services

There are plenty of online degree programs available for education services. Many of them are accredited by the National Council for accreditation of teacher Education; and by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council. The web site ELearners is a search engine for accredited online degrees, while the site CollegeandUniversity is a convenient, comprehensive and personalized source of degree programs and related information. Educational Pathways is a paid subscription newsletter covering distance learning and teaching in higher education. GetEducated is an online degree clearinghouse for accredited colleges and universities while ClassesUSA is also a very good higher education portal.

Demand for education professionals is expected to grow substantially by 2012. Education will continue to hold a special place in people's lives. Private institutions, local and state governments and corporations will continue to offer various education programs.